Favorite Album:

Meeg: Penny and Sparrow- Tenboom

Allie: Carole King- Tapestry & Copeland- You Are My Sunshine

Nat: Death Cab For Cutie - Transatlanticism


Three things I'd take on a desert island:

Meeg: East Of Eden, a knife, a How-To book on surviving in the wilderness

Allie: Big empty sketch pad, water purifier, and my friend Emily

Nat: Some pretty lights to hang in the trees, a picnic dinner and a boat so I can go home afterward.


Best Joseph Moment:

Meeg: stopping for Mexican food in Russell, Kansas...I told everyone it was a bad idea....

Allie: When Mario Batali came to one of our shows in New York and bought a CD and asked for my signature.  

Nat: "This one time we stayed up way past midnight..." (Lenny) // Every time I realize that no matter what, all of this is going to be a great story around the bingo tables when we're 80.


Dream Collaboration:

Meeg: Andy Shauf

Allie: Skrillex... :)

Nat: Sia



Meeg: Lauryn Hill, Ella Fitzgerald, Sister Act 2, late 90's and early 2000's country radio 

Allie: live performance of Company of Thieves and All I Wanted by Paramore

Nat: our dad, an old compilation Jazz cd I listened to on repeat as a kid


Favorite Sister Memory:

Meeg: one time when Nat was about 7 years old she was pretending to be a ghost by hiding underneath a blanket walking around in our living room, arms outstretched. Our brother came up behind her and pinched her so hard she screamed and ran head first into the corner of the wall. She had to get stitches and she still has an eyebrow scar to prove it. 

Allie: Meeg and I have always had the same accidents happen to us and illnesses and often find ourselves walking out of our bedrooms wearing the same clothes. One time I fell down a hill and scraped my right knee. Meeg ran to get my Mom, who was at the bottom of the hill, and fell on her way down scraping her knee in the exact same spot. 

Nat: playing Kick the Can and always wanting to go to the neighbors house for Kool Aid, cinnamon sugar toast (since we couldn't have processed sugar at home), and Power Rangers


Your Harry Potter House:

Meeg: Gryffindor

Allie: Gryffindor

Nat: Gryffindor 


Currently Reading:

Meeg: The Gifts of Imperfection- Brene Brown

Allie: Harry Potter- Prisoner of Azkaban

Nat: Name of the Wind, Tiny Beautiful Things 


Who Would Play You In A Movie About Your Life:

Meeg: Emma Watson or Meg Ryan

Allie: Emma Stone

Nat: Marissa Tomei 


Guilty Pleasure:

Meeg: Rascal Flatts

Allie: Hart of Dixie

Nat: Instagram 


Best Thing About Oregon:

Meeg: Joseph, OR

Allie: it's peaceful and it's full of great colors

Nat: the coffee and beer


Tour Essentials:

Meeg: NPR podcasts, audiobooks, clean socks, and a mini library of books that I generally don't get around to reading haha

Allie: garbage cans, live plant (usually a succulent)

Nat: our St. Christopher necklaces from our Grandpa Jo, a flat of Stumptown Cold Brews, lunges 


Dream Venue/Festival: 

Meeg: Headlining Red Rocks 

Allie: Headling The Ryman or The Grammy's

Nat: Newport Folk Festival


Best on-the-road Music:

Meeg: currently- Vulfpeck, Mitski, Paul Arend, Bon Iver, Phoria's "Saving Us a Riot (Live)"

Allie: what Meeg said, and most tours I try and contribute one playlist on Spotify to the car soundtrack 

Nat: anything that matches the landscape and makes life feel like a movie